Traveling with children

Traveling with children depends on the age of your children and their demeanor. How do you travel with typical children?

When you are flying remember that the cabin pressure bothers young children’s ears on take off and landing, bring something for them to chew on or drink to help them relieve that pressure.

Keep in mind if you are traveling with children they are going to be VERY excited for the adventure, channel that excitement by giving them activities to do on the way that are related to the vacation. For instance if you are going to a beach give them ocean type pages to color, how many creatures can they find in the ocean near your vacation spot? For older children maybe have them figure out activities they can do near your vacation spot. Keep them involved and that will help channel their excitement.

I boarded a plane once and the people behind me had a 2 year old little girl and she handed me a little care package, they said it was because this was their 2 year old’s first time flying and they were not sure how she was going to do and the care package was their apology up front. I thought that was a cute idea, and the care package was ear plugs, trail mix and a chocolate bar. The most important thing was they let her be involved and she knew we would all be patient, she did great and she never created a problem. They had coloring and games for her to do during the flight, and she had all of us care package recipients to talk to.

Just remember the more interactive the trip is for the children the easier it will be on you.