Reunions and Groups

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Group Travel Can Be Fun and Rewarding

Whether you are planning a family reunion or a week-end trip away with friends, you will want to contact us to see what benefits you can earn. There are all types of groups, and we will work hard for all of them. You can benefit from a group as small as 12 people. The group leader benefits for putting together the group.

What does it cost?

We get paid by the cruise line or resorts / hotels. In most instances using our services does not cost you any more than if you were to do it yourself. We have many tools that are not available to the public to organize a group traveling to the same location, we also have the knowledge to know the best locations that fit your needs. Group travel can be difficult and frustrating, we make it easy.

What types of groups are there?


Class Reunions ** Family Reunions

Birthday Celebrations ** Anniversary Celebrations

Corporate Trainings  ** Corporate Get Aways

Bachelor / Bachelorette Parties  ** Weekend Away With Friends

Engagement Parties ** Proposals

What Do We Do For You?

We will organize your stay or cruise.

We will arrange your flights.

We will provide itineraries for everyone in attendance.

We can provide T-shirts for the memories.

We can arrange group adventures or special games.

We can arrange for a meeting room.

Depending on the location or type of travel we may be able to provide special VIP Check In, arrange for the rooms/cabins to be together. 

We can arrange for people to come from different parts of the country and share a room