Group Travel is usually a fun way to travel!!

Traveling in a group can be very fun, but it can also be stressful. We can take the stress out of traveling as a group. We coordinate all of the travel plans, we also provide an itinerary book to each family, couple or individual so they know exactly what their itinerary is and every member in their group's travel plans. There is also group activities that we can plan for you.


We provide a web page that can be shared on social media and the group members can book directly with us and the group leader does not have to stress on booking each individual. These web pages can be open to the public,  password protected or private.


Groups receive extra benefits from cruise lines, resorts and hotels. Some cruise lines and resorts provide complementary travel for the group leader. On a cruise or at a resort each person in the group usually receives an extra benefit or discount.


What types of groups qualify for group travel? Family reunions, weddings, friends, class reunions, club reunions and just a group of miscellaneous people. How many people qualify for a group? Most cruises and resorts require 5 rooms to qualify for group benefits, but there may be exceptions to those rules.