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Travel Is Going To Start Soon


People are starting to travel again!! We are seeing people traveling to Cancun, Tulum,  Puerto Vallarta, Cabo, Hawaii and even some to Costa Rica. 

Airlines are requiring masks while you are on the plane, the only time you can remove that mask is while you are eating or drinking. The airlines have limited food and drink options. The airlines are cleaning the planes in between flights to keep all passengers as safe as possible.

Hawaii does require a negative COVID test within 72 hours of arrival. Almost all resorts are requiring masks in public areas, limiting the number of people in elevators and requiring social distancing.

Cruise lines are looking to open sailings soon. They will be making many changes to ensure passenger safety. They will be disinfecting public areas more frequently, requiring masks in public areas, the buffet will have changes and social distancing will be encouraged. 

Let's get traveling!!